Friday, June 27, 2008

Yes yes, yes. Without the oops.

Now, like most of America, I stopped caring about Law & Order: Criminal Intent a long time ago. But then this had to go and happen:

The Tall Guy replaces Mr. Big

Obviously, I'm giddy with anticipation for the next season. The promise of Goldblum on my TV every other week is just about more complete awesomeness than I can stand. And honestly, when uptight, rigidly-structured L&O began eighteen years ago, could anyone have predicted that it would eventually give us a series in which all-time Hall of Fame Quirky Guys Vincent "EdgarBug" D'Onofrio and Jeff "BrundleFly" Goldblum traded off as lead character?

Of course, the great irony in all this is that I never think to watch L&O when I'm not at home, where my entire family consumes the show like oxygen. And I'll be in Missouri during this season.

Oh well.

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