Friday, November 30, 2007

I Am Your Nemesis!

So I was thinking about Superboy Prime today (Yeah, yeah. SuperMAN Prime. Whatever. You either know who I mean or you don't care).

Anyway, I realized something -

A whiny fanboy who idolizes superheroes as a kid . . .

Finds out his heroes aren't as ideal as he thought they were . . .

And swears to become the greatest hero of all by killing people . . .

Is hardly an original idea.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Knowledge-Filled Clash!

Did anyone else see Jeopardy today? It was nuts!

It's the Tournament of Champions, and today was the last semi-final round. In an amazing coincidence, two of the contestants were as follows:

Craig Westphal: Stoic EMT who always seemed kind of amazed and kind of worried that he was winning money on television. Six-time champion, and my all-time favorite Jeopardy contestant. I always wanted to shake his hand and congratulate him.

Paul Glaser: Smug, pompous physicist who isn't nearly as clever as he thinks he is. Four-time champion, and my all-time LEAST favorite Jeopardy contestant. I always wanted to punch his face.

The third contestant was Cliff Galiher, 2007 College Champion. He seems like an okay fellow.

So today, at 5:00 PM, I sat in front of my TV as an epic battle between good and evil was waged before my very eyes. The Righteous Forces of Craig took an early lead, up $1600 over Paul at the first commercial break. Paul's filthy smirk made a comeback in Double Jeopardy, however, by the end of that round he had a lead of over $8000 over Craig's $4000.

All looked hopeless, but young underdog Cliff correctly answered Final Jeopardy ("Who is Nellie Bly?") to win! Ha ha! True light may not have triumphed, but at least darkness was vanquished. For the record, Craig also answered correctly in Final Jeopardy to double his score. Paul said "Who is Dix?" What a fool. Like that even means anything.