Sunday, August 31, 2008

The producers come into the room, people start cryin' and stuff . . .

It might be ironic and hip to make fun of Saved by the Bell, but I have no intention of doing that. Indeed, the show was really awful, but everyone knows that. So why dwell on it? Rather, I just want to point out the existence of E! True Hollywood Story: Saved by the Bell:

It's fascinating, to me, to watch those involved talk about the show years later. Creator Peter Engel and other crew members seem to think it was a clever and creative show. Haley Mills seems kind of embarrassed, although she shouldn't - her work as Miss Bliss was typically fine. Dustin Diamond, here, just seems kind of perplexed about the whole thing. And Dennis "Belding" Haskins reveals that, even though the part was written for someone "over fifty and black", he knew he had to have the part.

Anyway, there it is. It's pretty entertaining.

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