Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The world's big enough for all different Batmans

I’ve been enjoying Paul Dini’s run on Detective Comics, thus-far a series of done-in-ones and two-parters focusing, like the title implies, on Batman as a Detective. A crime is committed, Batman uses his skill to solve the crime, The End. The most recent issue, #845, was a typically solid entry, until the last page, where I saw this:

Now, Batman: R.I.P., appearing in the pages of Detective’s sister book Batman, has been pretty good so far, but it’s a story about Batman going crazy after learning about some kooky stuff that happened to him in the ‘50s. The Batman of Detective Comics is, so far, not cracking up at all. And I like it that way. Batman R.I.P. writer Grant Morrison is writing a story that only he understands, and tie-ins can’t help but be watered-down versions of the same story. Paul Dini shouldn’t be forced to fall in line when it will be keep him from doing what he does best.

Even the continuity hounds would have to admit that this crossover isn’t necessary. Batman hasn’t always been crazy. Someday, he will again not be crazy. Those looking for a single Bat-continuity could simply assume the Detective stories take place sometime before (or after) Batman R.I.P.

Grant Morrison is also writing Final Crisis, where he completely ignores Dini’s supposed lead-in Countdown to Final Crisis. DC would be wise to let Dini return the favor and ignore Batman: R.I.P.

The return of Hush is also a bad idea.

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B.G. said...

Hey fellow Missourian.

Hush is a terrible character, but that's why I'm looking forward to this story. Dini will bring some depth to the guy. Some of his best work has been with characters that others have written off.

Dini's said that his story takes place "slightly before the big action in 'R.I.P.' kicks in." Promoting it as a tie-in is likely just a way to draw more eyes in its direction. It's also probably a way to convince readers that R.I.P. will change things 4ever&ever. If Dini ignored it, R.I.P. wouldn't seem important. By doing a story that specifically takes place before Morrison's, Dini can continue with business as usual AND make readers wonder what's coming after R.I.P.

We all know that Bruce will likely continue to be Batman and sane, but even just creating the illusion that things will Never Be The Same makes things more interesting.